In the past three and a half years the median sale price for Strathalbyn Real Estate has risen by $50,000. Between the steady growth of the town, the introduction of new businesses and the stability of the National and Global economy the price of Strathalbyn Real Estate has been on the rise. We have seen a continuous increase in the overall value of the homes sold in Strathalbyn, and the number of homes being sold. This is fantastic news for home owners in the Strathalbyn area. While the price of Real Estate has been increasing steadily, there is no guarantee that the trend will continue. Real Estate agents in Strathalbyn suggest most home owners in the area don’t know their home’s real value. Knowing the true market value can be critical in making decisions about further investing in your home.

There are a limited number of ways to uncover the market value of your home. These include property appraisals, market reports, or bank valuations.

Property appraisals are perhaps the most accurate way of determining the current market value of your property. They are however continually changing based on recent market activity. This market activity can be difficult to interpret from the information given to the public. While you can find the appropriate information most of  the resources for finding the most in depth analysis is reserved for Real Estate Agents and their offices.

Market Reports are generally only accessible to the agents and are what they use to help appraise your home. As mentioned, these are usually hidden within Real Estate industry databases. However, Broadland Estates have made it easy for you to obtain the most recent market report. Click Here for the latest suburb report.

Bank Valuations are the most official form of valuations. They cost upwards of $400 and value your house far lower than the price you are likely to sell in for. You would only have one done when your banking institution requests it. It is the likely mortgage, or foreclosure value, of your home.