Real Estate Rip-offs

When the commission is too low

We all like a bargain, but there’s an old saying that if something seems too good to be true, it
usually is. Some Agents and salesmen advertise a low commission rate as the bait for their
false and misleading advertising. They offer an unbelievably low price to get you to come in,
and once they’re in your home, they pressure you into getting all sorts of upgrades and addons
you’re going to “need” in order to advertise here, there and everywhere else (Often when
it is FREE for the agent). It’s like buying a car, and then being told you have to pay extra for
the tyres and steering wheel!
Selling your home takes time and the right resources to do it right, so expect to more than the
lowest available commission to get the job done right.

This method of sale is best…

This is a common statement you will see in advertisements or hear from most Real Estate

REMEMBER: The best method of sale is the one that achieves your goal!
For instance, some real estate agents may push you to auction your home. Having your home
go “under the hammer” has a range of wonderful benefits, if it’s handled correctly. However
sometimes, properties are “passed in” on auction day and, despite the owner still intending to
sell over the coming weeks, it can upset or eliminate some potential buyers. This can also
hurt the asking price when you put the house back on the market, drastically, often by more
than 20% of the auction day reserve.

Remember to discuss the absolute best option for YOU and YOUR HOME. It’s about you,
and the careful handling of the sale of your home, not what’s most convenient for the agent.
Be sure to discuss thoroughly with your agent what is going to suit you best.
When it “takes longer than first estimated”

Often, agents deliberately over quote and under “estimate” the time that it takes to sell your
home. While sometimes these are genuine problems in the market place, especially when
there is an unforeseen economic downturn, more often than not the salesperson has made
grandeur claims about how quickly they will be able to sell your house and have you off to
your new home. This is a tactic they use to “buy” your listing. If you’ve met with more than
one sales representative about selling your home and there is one that stands out that offers a
price that is too good to be true, or a turnaround time that seems unusually quick they may be
attempting to “buy” your listing. This method is more common than you might think, and is
ILLEGAL. When any agent/sales representative uses misleading information in order to
secure a listing, they are in violation of numerous pieces of Real Estate and Business
legislation on both a state and federal level in Australia. This can mean heavy fines and
possibly time in prison for those who breach such acts, yet some agents still take advantage
of those interested in selling their property and break the law.

Be sure to ask for supporting documentation from your potential sales representative, and if
they hesitate, run for the hills, if they happily oblige you’re onto a winner. A good agent is
happy to show transparency in their work, which is always a good sign.


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Or you can go with whoever you look up first. It is possible you’ll be one of the few to see
results from this method.

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