The Challenge of Homeownership in Adelaide

Adelaide, South Australia, represents a unique segment in Australia’s broader housing market, characterized by increasing hurdles towards achieving homeownership. Recent insights from the Domain First-Home Buyer Report highlight the growing difficulty for Adelaide residents, particularly for those aiming to buy their first home.

Extended Saving Periods for Deposits

One of the most striking findings is the extended time required for potential homeowners to save for a deposit in Adelaide. Over the last five years, this duration has increased by 15 months. This statistic places Adelaide among the cities where the dream of owning a home is becoming increasingly out of reach for the average first-home buyer.

Factors Influencing the Saving Timeline

The prolongation in saving time can be attributed to various factors, including economic conditions, wage growth patterns, and the specific dynamics of Adelaide’s property market. These elements collectively impact the ability of couples, especially those aged 25 to 34 and earning an average wage, to accumulate the necessary funds for a house deposit.

Government Assistance and Its Limitations

The report also sheds light on government initiatives like the Help To Buy scheme, designed to assist first-home buyers by allowing them to secure a home loan with a minimal 2 percent deposit. However, this scheme’s applicability to Adelaide’s market is constrained by income caps and property price ceilings, which may not align with the realities of the local housing market.

The Importance of Location and Strategy

Location emerges as a critical factor in navigating Adelaide’s challenging housing landscape. The Domain report suggests that choosing more affordable areas could significantly reduce the deposit saving time. Nevertheless, for many Adelaide residents, the increased saving duration necessitates exploring alternative strategies, including looking at less traditional suburbs or considering different financing options.

The Path Forward

For Adelaide’s potential first-home buyers, the path to homeownership is marked by complexity and the need for adaptability. The city’s specific challenges require innovative solutions and a willingness to explore all available avenues to overcome the barriers to owning a home. As the housing market continues to evolve, so too must the strategies of those aspiring to enter it, highlighting the ongoing journey towards making homeownership a reality in South Australia.

In the context of Australia’s challenging journey toward homeownership, the focus on South Australia, particularly Adelaide, uncovers a distinct narrative within the broader national housing landscape. According to the recent First-Home Buyer Report by Domain, Adelaide presents a unique case where the dream of owning a home remains particularly elusive, reflecting a broader trend of increasing difficulty across major Australian cities.



The report underscores a significant shift over the past five years in the time required for potential homeowners to save for a deposit in Adelaide. Specifically, the city has experienced a marked increase in this duration, extending by 15 months. This development points to a growing challenge for Adelaide’s first-home buyers, who now face a longer road to accumulating the necessary upfront funds to enter the housing market.

This uptrend in saving time is attributed to several factors, including the city’s property price dynamics and economic conditions that influence saving capacities. For a couple aged between 25 to 34, with average earnings, the journey to homeownership has become notably more prolonged, illustrating the impact of broader economic forces at play, including interest rates and wage growth patterns.

The Domain report also delves into strategies that potential buyers might employ to navigate these challenges. While the Help To Buy scheme offers a glimmer of hope for some, with the possibility of securing a home loan with just a 2 percent deposit, it’s crucial to note that this initiative comes with its own set of limitations, including income caps and property price ceilings that might not align with Adelaide’s market conditions.

Moreover, the report highlights the importance of location in the quest for affordability. It suggests that opting for more affordable areas can significantly reduce the time needed to save for a deposit. However, for Adelaide residents, the increasing time frame underscores a need for tailored strategies that address the city’s specific housing market challenges.

Despite the grim outlook, the evolving landscape of Adelaide’s housing market, characterized by heightened saving requirements, calls for innovative approaches to homeownership. This includes a potential shift towards more affordable suburbs or exploring alternative financing options that can alleviate the burden of saving for a substantial deposit. The report’s insights into Adelaide’s housing dynamics serve as a critical reminder of the multifaceted challenges facing first-home buyers in the city, underscoring the need for continued attention and policy adjustments to make the Australian dream more accessible to a broader segment of the population.

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