A Charitable Gesture: Malvern Bungalow Auction Supports The Salvation Army


In an extraordinary act of generosity, the auction of a 1920s bungalow in Malvern is set to make waves in the real estate market and the community. Next weekend, house hunters will have the opportunity to bid on a piece of history, with the entire sale proceeds benefiting The Salvation Army’s SA branch. This unprecedented move highlights the impact of philanthropy in the real estate sector and the legacy of a homeowner dedicated to making a difference.


Legacy of Generosity


The character home at 13 Eton St, boasting a guide price of $1.5 million, was bequeathed to The Salvation Army by its deceased owner. The decision to auction the property and donate the entire sale price to charity was made by the property’s executor, ensuring that the homeowner’s charitable intentions are honored. Selling agent James Robertson of Ouwens Casserly Real Estate, alongside Nic Pernini, is managing the sale of this unique property.


The Home and Its Appeal


The bungalow, which sits on a 746sq m block, features three bedrooms and one bathroom. It has captured the interest of potential buyers not only for its historical value and mostly original condition but also for the noble cause it supports. The prospect of contributing to a charitable organization through the purchase has added a special allure to the property, making it a standout opportunity for those in the market.


Community Impact


The sale of the Malvern bungalow is more than just a real estate transaction; it represents a significant contribution to The Salvation Army and the broader community. The organization’s regional team leader of gifts and wills, John Tobin, noted the homeowner’s long-standing support for the charity, emphasizing the special place it held in his heart. This auction serves as a testament to the owner’s commitment to aiding those in need and underscores the potential for real estate to serve as a vehicle for philanthropy.


An Opportunity for Positive Change


As the auction date approaches, interest in the property continues to grow. Potential buyers are not only attracted to the home’s charm and character but are also moved by the opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause. The auction promises to be a momentous event, showcasing the community’s spirit and the lasting impact of thoughtful generosity.

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