Feast your eyes on the epitome of luxury living down under. Dubbed one of Australia’s most majestic properties, this historic gem has clinched the title for the priciest sale of 2023.


Nestled in the posh enclave of Bellevue Hill, Sydney, the heritage treasure known as Leura was snapped up by floral empire tycoon Leo Lynch for a staggering $70 million in June, as highlighted in Domain’s 2023 Year-End Review. This sale price not only shatters its 2015 purchase price of $30.8 million but also soars high above the suburb’s median house price of $9,550,000.


Spanning 1,300 sqm, this trophy residence boasts eight lavish bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a six-car garage, and an original ballroom adorned with high ceilings and intricate detailing.


A Sydney estate featuring a tennis court and pool with views of Sydney Harbour.


Constructed in 1891, the mansion is a stunning example of Federation Queen Anne architecture, spread across three levels and surrounded by expansive verandahs offering breathtaking north-facing views of the city and harbour.


The estate’s 4,260sqm grounds are a paradise, complete with a vast resort-style pool and spa, and naturally, a tennis court. But words hardly do it justice—take a moment to marvel at the spectacular images.

Brad Pillinger, the selling agent from Pillenger, kept mum on the exact figures but emphasized that properties boasting significant land, breathtaking views, and prime locations will always be in high demand. He forecasts a continuation of significant sales into the next year.


“Landmark homes, with their size, location, and views, will forever be in a league of their own when it comes to value growth,” he shared with Yahoo Finance.


He predicts that the sheer number of affluent buyers will far exceed available properties, ensuring that simple supply and demand dynamics will trump any economic fluctuations.

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