In a quirky twist that’s got Aussie renters doing a double-take, a studio in Woy Woy, NSW, has hit the headlines for its unconventional layout, which includes a shower smack bang in the middle of the kitchen. For a modest $320 a week, tenants can enjoy the unique convenience of hopping out of bed and straight into the shower, without even leaving the kitchen.

Nestled at 19a Billabong Street, this Central Coast gem is being touted as offering “exceptional value” for those looking to live a stone’s throw away from essential amenities like public transport, schools, and shopping centres. However, it’s the studio’s bold take on open-plan living, featuring a shower adjacent to the kitchen bench and a portable oven/stove top, that’s raising eyebrows and sparking conversations.

Joel Fletcher, a real estate agent with One Agency Umina Beach, insists that the unusual shower placement hasn’t deterred prospective renters. In fact, the property was snapped up in just two weeks. “It’s at an affordable price point, and believe it or not, this concept of combining living, dining, and showering spaces is fast becoming the norm,” Fletcher explained. He revealed that the studio attracted seven applications, with no potential tenants expressing concerns over the shower’s location.

Fletcher also highlighted that the studio meets all the minimum living standards, including a separate toilet located in the laundry room. He believes the transparency in advertising and the studio’s affordability, cleanliness, and proximity to local amenities played a significant role in its quick rental.

“It’s all about setting clear expectations,” Fletcher said. “Tenants know exactly what they’re signing up for – affordable and clean living quarters in a convenient location, even if it means they can fry up bacon while taking a shower!”

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