The Market Is Changing Rapidly – How Are You Preparing For The Next 5 Years?


With Another interest rate hike expected in the next week or two experts are calling the end of the explosive growth of the last two years.

We are seeing house prices fall in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane with Adelaide next to see the dip.

While a sudden crash isn’t likely we are expecting a significant drop-off in prices, as well as longer times on the market.

With the economy taking a hit it is likely to see retirees put in an awkward position as the cost of living increases and their super diminish faster than expected.

Next year should see a great opportunity for buyers as prices come down – and those with cash look to be the best positioned of all.

There are sure to be many big winners in the upcoming buyer’s market – but real estate is a zero-sum game. For someone to win, someone else has to lose.

The default rates on mortgages are beginning to increase across the country, yet sales figures are still high in South Australia, at least for now.

For those that have been thinking about selling right now is the last opportunity to cash in on the property boom of the last two years. If you’ are going to sell sooner will be much more profitable than later.

The wait and see method is likely to be fine for homeowners that won’t be downsizing in the near future, but for those that may face major life changes or a restriction of income it will sting more than ever.

To get ahead of this vicious cycle talk to us today. We’ll give you an up to date figure, and time frame to sell your property, and an accurate idea of what to expect in the changing market.

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