When listing your home for sale it’s always important to present it in the best possible way, and often this means extensive cleaning and tidying. But how far do you need to go?

Depending on the size of your home and the amount of stuff you have in it you’ll need to spend differing amounts of time and energy getting it as clean as can be for photos and inspections.

While most houses are moving quite quickly right now, which means far less cleaning than during slower times in the market, how clean and tidy your house is still makes a big difference to getting the right offer.

While hiring someone to clean your home isn’t essential it will save you time and stress leading up to showing buyers the home. We generally recommend getting someone in to do an initial big clean which will make it far easier for you to maintain for follow-up inspections.

Not sure where to start? Give me a call and we’ll guide you through the whole listing and sale process.

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