Selling in the colder months of the year can be incredibly profitable – especially with the sellers’ market that we are in right now.

Presenting your home for sale when the weather turns wet can raise a different set of challenges.

The grey and wet days give you the opportunity to present your property as a cosy, and warm “safe haven” out of the cold and wet conditions. To maximise the appeal of your property bright, warm lighting will help your home glow with warmth and invite potential buyers.

Along with rain comes bright green grass, and unfortunately weeds! Getting into the garden and removing all of these help your home look well looked after and pristine.

One of the less glamourous jobs of the colder months is cleaning the gutters – something this simple makes a huge difference to the first impression of a buyer as even just a little bit of overflow will really detract from the outward appeal.

Having someone fall in love with your property can be fairly straightforward and simple – and will mean more money come settlement day. Give me a call t find out how much your home is worth today.

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