Listing your home for sale will come with certain expenses that are all but unavoidable. Things like photographs ($200-$400), internet advertising ($750), signage (up to $350), and in many cases admin fees (up to $600) easily add up to $2000 – that’s before a single buyer sees your property.

Many homeowners are put off by these upfront expenses, particularly when they are due before a single buyer sees your home. We’ve known property owners that have missed out on getting an unbelievable price for their home simply because they couldn’t come up with the cash to list it soon enough.

We don’t think that’s right. In fact, if you list with Broadland Estates before the end of May we’ll pay your marketing up to $1500 when you sell with us. Getting you on your way to cashing in on this hot market. And as always we don’t charge an admin fee – Saving you up to $2000.

Some conditions apply, and this is for a limited time – Give me a call today to find out more!

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