Become a 5 Star Home Owner and Sell Your Property For More.

If you want to sell your property quickly, efficiently, and for maximum sale price then becoming a five-star homeowner will give you an unfair edge over every other house on the market. Each one of the below “stars” gets you closer to a faster, more profitable sale. It’s the same checklist that helped Matt and Jemma sell their home in Macclesfield for $100,000 more than asking (and in 72 hours of listing), star number 3 is what helped Robert and Denise in Strathalbyn have a contract on their property after the first inspection, while star number 5 helped Hayley of Henley Beach save literally thousands of dollars in advertising. Alone each of these stars is great, but together they take results to the moon! 

Below is an Easy 5 Step Guide on how you can become a 5 Star seller Overnight – even if you’ve never sold a house before. On average…

5 Star Home Owners Get MORE Money For Their Home, FASTER And EASIER Than Anyone Else…

When most people list their homes for sale they have no clue where to begin, and it’s understandable – it’s not every day you put your home on the market. And when it’s done poorly it can cost you MEGA BUCKS! When a FIVE STAR owner lists for sale they are far more likely to enjoy…

HIGHER SALE PRICES – More money in your pocket.
FASTER SALES – Quicker turnaround.
LOWER COSTS – Efficient sales mean lower marketing costs.
A LOWER STRESS SALES EXPERIENCE – The less you have to open your house for inspection and the less wait time the easier it is for you.
BIGGER SMILES AND HAPPIER FAMILIES AT THE END OF IT – More money, quicker turnaround time, and lower stress – can it get any better?

What is a 5 STAR Home Owner? (And How To Become One Almost Instantly)

Simply put you must tick five key boxes to be a 5 Star Home Owner.

1. You are motivated to sell – You are a serious seller, you are thinking of listing your home for sale, because you want it to sell, without the “if it sells, it sells” attitude that can DESTROY potential interest.

2. You are willing to price your property at market value – The trouble many homeowners have is pricing their home for what they would love to get for it, and not what the market is likely to pay. Remember: the listing price isn’t the price you must sell for, when an offer comes in you have the choice to accept or not. Advertising your property at an over-the-top price can scare away prospective buyers, meaning you’ll have to drop the price later on. This can damage the final sale price negatively as a motivated buyer may already have found something else, or be waiting for another price cut.

3. You are able and willing to “stage” your property – This doesn’t mean hiring furniture and moving all your stuff out – it can be as simple as decluttering and showing the potential of your property. The more a buyer can imagine their own things in your home the more likely they are to buy.

4. Marketing obstacles are low, or non-existent – This is another point that sounds as though it could be expensive, but in most cases, it’s completely FREE. Marketing is how we get the word out that Your home is FOR SALE! Some homeowners don’t want a sign on their property, because they don’t want the neighbours to know, while others insist on being present during inspections. These are just two of the most common things people insist upon when selling their home, and they either scare prospective buyers away or keep them completely unaware that your home is for sale. To maximise your chances of selling quickly, easily, and for a great price, you must be willing to attract as many qualified buyers as possible.

5. You’re willing to help spread the word – You have family and friends that love your home, and probably envy your home, and THEY KNOW someone who would love to live there. This ties in a little with star number 4 – being willing to market your home as comprehensively as possible will bring you the best results possible. Spreading the word at your sports clubs, social groups, church groups, knitting circles, your local post office or petrol station can help hugely with the sale of your home. It used to be called guerrilla marketing, but now most people know it as “going viral.” The faster you go viral, the quicker you’ll have offers. NOTE – We will help make this step so easy a five-year-old could do it. We’ll put together handouts and small flyers you can keep in your car with a link to all the information a buyer will need to get them as excited as a kid in a candy store to take a look through.

Here’s What To Do Next…

Becoming a 5-Star Homeowner that ticks all the boxes is easy and it’s FREE. If you’re ready to take the next step and list your home for sale with getting astonishing results; quickly and easily, give me a call right away – my contact information is at the bottom of this letter. If you’re thinking about listing in the next 6-12 months give me a call or send me an email – I have some exciting stuff that if you do now, you’ll be able to reap far greater rewards come sale time. If you aren’t interested in selling anytime soon, but do want to uncover the true value of your home, we’d be delighted to help you out – send me an email and we can come and give you a market appraisal.

So to recap –
1. YES! I’m ready to list now – Call me right away on 0432 793 550 (or send me an email if you don’t get through) [email protected]
2. YES! I’m thinking of listing in the next year – Send me an email so we can chat about what you can do to ensure you’re on your way to being a 5-star seller – [email protected]
3. YES! I want a free appraisal to see the true market value of my home – Send me an email and we can set up a time to take a look – [email protected]

Call me today, and let’s set up a meeting to see how much you could get for your home. My details are listed below. Getting caught on the back foot when selling your home can cost you time, money, and a whole lot of stress – why would anyone choose that. Get on the front foot and become a 5 Star Seller today. I’m here to help YOU!

Best Wishes,
Luke Jones 
Broadland Estates

PS – If your home is currently listed for sale by another agency disregard this letter.
PPS – If you have a family member or a friend who is thinking about listing forward them this letter. You’ll be the hero that helps get an even better result when selling their home!

Ready to Uncover the Goldmine In Your Backyard..?

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